Is it fact? ー中学レベルで足りるっていうけど…ー

Today, I will write in English because I have such a mode.




1:The English level of junior high school 

 Some people who are good at English say that we meet with the knowledge of it which we had learned until junior high school.

In fact, many books based on such an opinion are published.

I have heard this advice many times.

Many people, especially undergraduate students, believe it. I had done it until I restarted studying English to pass the entrance exam for university too. And, they don’t strive to study English skills. I had done until then too.

In the present, I think.


How foolish of me!!


2:Japanese high school students…

  Many high school students study hard to pass the university's entrance exam but they don't study anything when they finish the exam. In this situation, they believe that opinion.

The reason is simple.


 they think they needn't strive because it is easy to studing English of the level of junior high school.


3:In fact…

 Surely, in a sense, we may meet with the English level of junior high school

For example, we have daily communication, e-mail, and reading newspapers.

In communication, opponents collect a word listening to our speaking and put together the meaning which we speak about.

So it is mainly composed to their imagination and kindly.

 In reading newspapers, writers write in easy English for people who aren’t good at English to understand.

 We tend to think we meet with easy English but in fact these situations are compounded by kind people.

So,we should give grace to such kind people.


4:Can you deal with something to understand difficultly?

 However, we can't only do them.

We must have many chances to research special knowledge, write academic reports and learn something that it is difficult for people who aren't goot at English.


When we have these chances,

we can deal with it, can’t we?


5:Famous advice

  “keeping what is situation is declining in fact.”

This is very famous advice.

It is true.

I think so.

We should keep improving ourselves and don't stop growing.

Therefore, we don't have the perfect level.

 Of course, we have the level of priority.

But, we aren’t to satisfied with our presence.

The easy way isn’t.

So we shouldn’t believe in the presence of an easy way.


Thank you for reading.